Start – Up Online Strategy.

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Are you a start-up?

Do you have an online presence?

Do you have a digital marketing department in your business?

Are you planning to hire a digital marketing and sales agency?


Let me introduce DMS Tribe to you.

At DMS Tribe, we are known to create a cutting edge “Start-up Online Strategy”.

We as a digital marketing and sales agency make sure that your digital marketing strategies are spot on and is dedicated to the long – term action plan of your business

By the way,

Do you know “ What are the most common digital marketing mistakes that a start-up makes?”.

Let me tell you a few of the big mistakes that a start-up makes while doing digital marketing for their business.

  1. They think they can do it on their own (This is for them whose core business model is not sales of digital marketing services).
  2. They try and use all of the digital marketing channels.
  3. They don’t focus on business objectives.
  4. They think SEO is everything.
  5. For them, paid advertising does not give high ROI.
  6. Focus on short-term goals.
  7. Creating generic content.
  8. They don’t care much about ORM until they are hit by negativity.
  9. They hire interns, pay them in peanuts and expect wonders.

These are just a few of the mistakes that a start-up makes and it costs them heavily.

For us what matters is the “Time” 

Digital marketing is a mix of both “Short – term” + “Long-Term” action plans.

It does not matter which path you choose it takes two things to give the result.

  1. Time involved.
  2. Money Spent.

You can anyways convert your “Losses” into “Profit”, but you can not get back your lost “Time” due to wrong decisions.

And, as a start-up, your “Time” is your biggest money.

That’s why, 

It is very much important for you to make an informed decision and make a wise decision. 


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