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Landing Page Design and Development.

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How much do you know about landing page design and development?

I have a few questions for you.

  • Do you know what is landing page?

  • Have you ever used a landing page?

  • Do you have a landing page for any of your sales funnel?

  • What do you want to achieve out of it?

  • Have you consulted any digital marketing agency for creating it?

  • Do you know what are the important things to be kept on the landing page?

  • What is the conversion rate of your landing page?

  • What’s your CTA’s button on the landing page?

  • How credible is your landing page?

So now tell me,

how many positive answers you have for these questions?

It’s perfectly fine if you have never used a landing page for your business, it’s never too late to start anything new.

Moving on.

2 very important things before we go ahead.

  1. What is a landing page?

  2. What is the importance of landing pages?

Let’s find out;

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that is used to attract visitors for a specific product/service. A landing page is different from a website and is created separately as a lead magnet.

What is the importance of landing pages?

Here are a few major benefits of the landing page;

  • It is completely used for 1 product.

  • It gives detailed information about the product.

  • It comes with an unavoidable discount/offer.

  • It makes paid campaigns more effective.

  • It decreases CPAs.

  • It increases the subscriber’s list.

  • It attracts prospects/leads.

  • It increases data collection.

  • It increases conversion.

  • It provides useful customer data inputs.

A few must-haves for a landing page;

  • Well defined headlines.

  • Attractive copy.

  • Social touchpoint.

  • Effective use of keywords.

  • Use video and text Testimonials.

  • Clear cut Call to action.

At DMS Tribe.

We make sure that the landing page that we create for your business is really helpful.

Doesn’t matter what you want to the sale (Until unless it’s legal), we are here to help you grow.

Let’s connect.

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